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Welcome to the Novabrik Siding technology: the first mechanically fasten self-ventilated masonry siding veneer.

Novabrik Siding will change the LOOK of your house or building;

The new 4" brick is available in multiple trendy colors (including Charcoal, Smokey Mountain Blend or Arlington Blend) in 2 textures; split or smooth.
15 Years and NO CLAIMS= Maintenance Free.



NOVABRIK SMOOTH TEXTURE SALE: $299/Pallet (Avail Colors Only) & $2.99/Accessories: Corners, Window Sills or Wainscot Caps.   

Pick-up in Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Raleigh, Frederick MD, Lawrenceville GA.   

Contact us: 1-866-678-2745 ext 31

Available Colors Only....

Free quantity quote

Free quantity take off Novabrik : Free take off available. Contact us at 1 866 678 2745, ext 33 or at...

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