Installation Spec's



Installation Tips

This section contains instructions describing installation of Novabrik on standard 2x4 or 2x6 wood frame construction. The purpose is to provide basic information that will simplify the installation process while assuring successful results. Installation on steel studs, concrete blocks or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) systems is similar.

You can download the complete Novabrik Installation Guide in pdf format in the Downloads/Residential section.

Use the control panel at the upper right of the popup window to move around and zoom in. Pressing the reset button will take you back to the initial view. Use the print button to print the instructions to an 8˝" by 11" sheet.

Before You Begin

  Material Take-off (1)
  Material Take-off (2)
  Tools and Equipment
  Insulation, Openning and Housewrap


  Wall Preparation
  Header Reinforcement above openings (100)
  Overhang Section


  90° Exterior Corner
  90° Interior Corner
  90° Interior Corner - Overlapping Brick Method
  Installing the Novabrik
  Combining Novabrik with Existing Siding
  Window Sill Installation
  Installation Above Openning
  Window Trim
  Aluminium or Steel Flashing around Openning


  Soldier Course Installation
  Installation on Rounded Openings
  Soffit Detail
  Wainscot Architectural Detail

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